18 January 2010

Utility Gear

Utility jackets (i.e., anoraks) seem to be back en masse this spring and retailers updating the look to freshen things up.

I personally have one of those super old school LL Bean anoraks that zip into its own pocket for easy packing, but I've had it for maybe ten years and have only worn it for hiking and camping.

Here are some more stylish options for the upcoming season. I'm forever in search of the perfect trench coat for my rainy season attire, so I'm not sure if I want to jump on the utility jacket bandwagon yet. Plus I'm on the fence on whether or not it looks a little dowdy, rather than rugged (dowdy for a shorty like myself). Are you guys into the look?

J. Crew Finsbury Anorak ($148)

Ann Taylor Loft Drawstring Anorak ($128)

Eddie Bauer Travex Jacket ($99)

Old Navy Rain Jacket-in-a-Packet ($19.50)

Banana Republic Silk Funnel-Neck Dress ($130)

Esprit Jeans Dress ($79.50)


  1. Anoraks are a pass for me because I just look plain shlumpy in them. I think part of it has to do with my height (I am shoooort!). I love a good trench, so if I were you, I'd continue searching for the perfect trench coat! I got mine from Banana Republic a few years back and still love it!


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