30 January 2010

The Sling of It!

I spent the last 20 hours or so on some airplane or the other feeling stuffed up with really bad dry air hair and skin - all to avoid the bad weather that seems to be hitting the entire Eastern half of the country.

Well - not on purpose, but it worked out - because I am currently in Singapore!  What a weather difference! It is in the high 80s to 90s here and HUMID. I thought I packed for the weather, but I really didn't - I've got no shorts or sandals (which means I'll probably be a sweaty mess, but it also means I'll be less of a mosquito magnet and people don't need to see my too pale legs).

Here's the view from my hotel room:

Yay me, slick international globetrotter ... OK, not so much. I'm here on business. So yay to free trip to Singapore - boo to having to work for most of the time I'm here.

Yes, that is a mall right across the street ... and that short white building with the orange roof on the left - that's the Raffles Hotel, home to the original Singapore Sling. Guest what I'll be doing later ...?!


The Man. Sir Thomas Stamford Bingley Raffles, founder of Singapore.

I was really focusing on this weirdly-cut palm, but caught a cute couple taking their wedding pics!


  1. wow that's so awesome that you're in singapore right now! hope you have a great time~!

  2. Hi Tippy - I am having a better time than I thought. And the work thing ain't that bad either.


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