12 January 2010

Shoes and Such

I received my Guess Lawri wedges from Zappos a few days ago and they are luv-er-ly. The leather is kind of shiny but not patent, and the shoe is soft but still holds it shape well. And the low wedge makes me feel like I'm wearing flats with some arch support. And they pretty much go with everything. So I'll forgive clacking sound the heels make.


Sorry for the terrible quality of my camera phone pics! And the trouser sock imprints on my legs - ha ha!

And I also placed my first order ever with Lands' End. I kept the order pretty small and left to basics since I am unsure of sizing, but I've heard great things about Lands' End's quality and customer service.

Plus I got free shipping with code "HAPPY" and pin "1417."

Medium Classic Ballet Shoe ($39.50) - Comes in 6 colors and 2 widths. I got the Coral Blush in suede since they look super-comfy and look so simple they are chic. I envision Parisian ladies walking the cobblestoned street with these flats on and a simple full skirt and striped shirt. (Yeah, maybe I'm thinking too much into it. But then I started thinking stripes - and I loooooove stripes ...)

Canvas Collection Rib Tank ($14.50) - 3 colors. So of course I had to get the striped tank. So basic - yet so many ways of styling to it.

Pinpoint Split-neck Shirt (now $24.99) - 6 patterns, tons of solids, 3 sizing options. Purple! And checked! And wrinkle-resistant! It's appropriate for work, or can be styled down with jeans and boots for something classic yet casual. Hopefully I can do some styling with it to make it less of a yawner.

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  1. I've never ordered from Land's End before either. Let us know how everything fits! After reading what you imagine the French ladies to be wearing with those adorable flats, I kind of want to get that entire imaginary outfit, haha!


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