30 January 2010

The Sling of It!

I spent the last 20 hours or so on some airplane or the other feeling stuffed up with really bad dry air hair and skin - all to avoid the bad weather that seems to be hitting the entire Eastern half of the country.

Well - not on purpose, but it worked out - because I am currently in Singapore!  What a weather difference! It is in the high 80s to 90s here and HUMID. I thought I packed for the weather, but I really didn't - I've got no shorts or sandals (which means I'll probably be a sweaty mess, but it also means I'll be less of a mosquito magnet and people don't need to see my too pale legs).

Here's the view from my hotel room:

Yay me, slick international globetrotter ... OK, not so much. I'm here on business. So yay to free trip to Singapore - boo to having to work for most of the time I'm here.

Yes, that is a mall right across the street ... and that short white building with the orange roof on the left - that's the Raffles Hotel, home to the original Singapore Sling. Guest what I'll be doing later ...?!


The Man. Sir Thomas Stamford Bingley Raffles, founder of Singapore.

I was really focusing on this weirdly-cut palm, but caught a cute couple taking their wedding pics!

28 January 2010

Marl-y, Take Two

OK, my last outfit with the marled wool cardigan from J.Crew was simple to the point of a bit of a yawner. So much for its "debut." But I remembered seeing how a few other bloggers rocked it way back in the day, especially Tippy (I think after seeing her in the it, it clinched it for me to have to buy it. But then it was all me who didn't wear it for months and months). So here's take two on the cardigan, inspired by Tippy.

I'm not much of a leggings gals (as you may have noticed, I live in jeans) but I am try to branch out of my comfort zone. Though they are super-comfy, I feel like I don't have real pants on.

I am in love with how buttery-soft leather and comfortable these boots are - so much so that this is only the second time I am wearing them, for fear of my clumsy-butt scuffing them.

Cardigan: J. Crew marled wool cardigan
Blouse: purchased in Singapore
Belt: The Limited leather basketweave
Leggings: Target
Boots: Type Z leather buckle pull-ups

27 January 2010

In the Green

I have this habit of looking like a shlump most of the time because I don't work in a typical office environment and don't have to deal with people face-to-face everyday. This means that my UPS guy no longer raises an eyebrow when I answer the door at 11:00 a.m. in jammies and this also means BF throws the standard going-to-die-of-hunger fit when we go out for dinner because sometimes I can't get my act together.

This blog is my act of beating shlump-hood by actually wearing all the stuff I've accumulated in my closet - and my act of being more courageous in my stylings by taking cues from other bloggers and life in general:
  • Wear color
  • Things don't need to match - then can go
  • You only live once - buy the shoes
  • Accessorize
  • Don't be afraid of silk
  • There's nothing wrong with looking pretty
  • Half a popped collar may be better than no popped collar  :o)
  • No shlumping allowed
So I'm going to still have missteps and major fashion fails (like yesterday's OOTD, which I promptly deleted about an hour after posting when realizing that it sucked in general and I looked like a major YAWN), but I'm going to keep trying to make it work.

Jacket: J. Crew wool herringbone
Blouse: Banana Republic silk green paisley
Belt: The Limited leather basketweave
Jeans: Levi's 545
Shoes: Nine West gray patent Temani wedges

Boden - Discount Code

Boden is offering a 15% discount off regular priced items, plus free shipping and returns - expires June 11. Use code EF29. The offer is technically directed for Mini Boden - the kids' collection - but it applies towards everything regular priced.

If you only want a 10% discount off regular priced items with free shipping and returns, use code F869 which expires February 6.

Either way, I'm so digging their spring collection. Go shop!

25 January 2010

I Love Victoria

My lovely new place will not have gas service until Tuesday - which means BF and I have been pretty much freezing at home these past few days with no heat (and the 48 hours of downpour this past weekend certainly helped).

So when it was time to get dressed to run some errands today, I scrambled into my warmest coat - which is a lovely Banana Republic hand-me-down from my older (and taller) sister - and which I immediately felt silly and a tad overdressed in it after taking and reviewing my pictures.

So warm inside my so cold home ...

I love how my body language here has an attitude - Like, yeah, I know this coat is a little large on me and I match my walls. Whaddya goin' do about it?!

I am in love with the collar on these Victoria camis. I Ebay-spy for new Victorias all the time.

I ended up changing into a sweater and loafer combo which was much more weather-appropriate and comfy-er for errand-running.

Coat: Banana Republic wool herringbone trench
Sweater: J. Crew wool shawl popover
Blouse: J. Crew Victoria cami
Jeans: J. Crew hipslung
Bag: J. Crew quilted paisley tote
Shoes: black Aerosoles Vice Squad wedges
Rejected Shoes: green Nine West Temani wedges

24 January 2010

Brown ... Stones

This weekend has been a dreary one in Atlanta with unrelenting rain - but on a good personal note, BF and I have moved into our new place, yay!

We've only lived in Atlanta for a few months now, but have spent it almost living out of boxes in an apartment because we were looking for a place of our own. We finally found it - a gorgeous three story brownstone - and officially moved in this weekend. It's so nice to have space to park two cars indoors and be able to have a proper home office (important for me as I work remotely) and a guest bedroom. What is going to take some getting used to is so many stairs!

So as we're still testing things out, I may be all over the place with my OOTD shoots. Below is my chilly rainy weather wear, sans jacket, for errand-running and yummy Sunday pancake eating (if you live near Atlanta at all, you know the Original Pancake House - and that means you also should know better than to go there late morning on a Sunday like a rookie ... thanks, me).

This sweater is so warm but the back of my neck usually gets a little itchy because of the wool, and the waist pockets sometimes make me look lumpy - more so than my usual lumpy, ha.

So other than the short-as-hell thing I've got going, the posing skills would keep me out of the ANTM running for sure. Yeah, those are the only two things ...

Sweater: J. Crew wool shawl collar popover
Tank: Lands' End Canvas pattern rib tank
Jeans: Gap (old as heck - personally distressed)
Boots: Born Taro
Bag: Liz Claiborne Green Street patent leather tote

FYI, use code BRSAVE20 to save 20% off everything at Banana Republic (online orders over $75 only) - good for January 25 only.

23 January 2010

Etsy Finds

I like ruffles. And flowers. And Etsy. So thus - the rosette brooch. The traditional and the unique.

Crafts 2 Cherish Adventure Rose Brooch ($39)

purpledayzeez Not Your Daughters Chiffon Flower ($7)

coolsisters Navy Red and Rhinstone Brooch ($50)

mrsbowthemommy Felted White Rose Brooch ($17)

zippinning Raspberry and Purple Floral Brooch ($30)

lilianasterfield Upcycled Necktie Rosette Signature Brooch ($22)

spacemoderne Rosette in Dijon Gray ($20)

22 January 2010

A Little Stormy Sea

If you're like me, you missed out on the original Anthropologie Stormy Sea necklace in that seafoam-y green color (cue tears). Other colors are now on sale in stores, but the green is looooong gooooone.

It looks like Anthro's sister site, Urban Outfitters, has come up with a pseudo-Stormy replacement with the multi stone bib necklace ($28). It's not the same thing but I think it evokes a similar look and feel and immediately I must have it.

As a bonus, from now until January 25, you can get free shipping on Urban Outfitters for orders over $75 with code SHIPSHIPSHIP.

FYI: Forever 21 also has a replacement version that looks very much like the Stormy Sea necklace in a deeper green. It's no longer online but there may be some still in stores. You can see Amy rock it here and here.

It's a Pink Day

So I took my cue today from Tara (whose specific post was titled "A Crappy Outfit", ha ha) and decided to dig out my J. Crew collier tee. Like Tara, my tee doesn't get enough love from me, as I've only worn it once before. Because I can't ever figure out what would work with it - so I ended up doing the matchy-matchy thing and think it worked out OK, if not a little boring.

Excuse the lighting, ladies, the weather is crap today and my indoor lighting apparently also sucks. Oh, and my camera skills aren't that awesome either, go figure.

Blazer: Banana Republic brocade jacket
Tee: J. Crew collier tee
Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft slim bootcut
Shoes: Clarks Herring flats (I know! Clarks has cute shoes?! And soooo comfy, I'm hunting them down on Ebay for every color.)

21 January 2010

Some Marl-y Weather ... Plus Discount Codes

I've got this bad habit of buying something and then sitting on it for weeks, sometimes months, before digging in and actually wearing the item. I have no idea why - maybe I subconsciously wait for that imaginary "perfect" occassion where I can formally debut my new finds. (I know, kind of cuckoo ...)

So granted it is still technically winter, as I finally broke out the marled wool cardigan from J. Crew. I got this back in November? October? for full price and even paid shipping for it, but never found a right time to wear it - too hot and bulky to wear under a jacket and not warm enough to wear on its own when it's actually cold. Plus for a shorty like me, I need to wear it with heels. So blah, blah, blah, I figured I better wear it before it's summer.

Ugh, my jean legs look funny.

Here's my sad attempt at a Gingersnap photo flourish.

Cardigan: J. Crew marled wool cardigan
Tee: Target tisue tee
Jeans: Levi's 545
Shoes: Nine West Temani wedges
Necklace: Laila Rowe


FYI ladies, Gap is offering 20% off regular priced merchandise with code SPRING20. Offer expires January 24.

Also, if you order from the Lands' End Canvas line, you can get free shipping with no minimum with code CANVASFREE and pin 00007142, which expires today. Or get free shipping for orders over $50 with code VALUE50 and pin 2110 on all Lands' End stuff, which includes Canvas, expiring January 25.

And Delia's is offering 15% off their new spring collection with code JAN15D, that expires January 29. Unfortunately you can't do free shipping with this code. Click here for some free shipping options.

Lastly, Aerosoles is offering 20% off everything until January 25 with code SV2095.

20 January 2010

Paisley Stripes

I'm trying to be more adventurous in my fashion choices (which I'm hoping this blog - and checking out all the wonderful fashion blogs out there *cue right column Blog Luv* - will help me with) so mixing patterns is a big step forward for me. Hopefully this worked out, ha ha.

Cardigan: For the Republic (total J. Crew Coppelle paisley copycat, purchased on Overstock.com)
Tank: Lands' End Canvas Line pattern rib tank
Jeans: Banana Republic
Shoes: Nine West PTCharla
Clutch: Vera Bradley clutch wallet in paprika

19 January 2010

Esprit (de Corps)

Esprit's new spring collection is out and they've got some chic new styles and has me looking at them again (though I think the last time I shopped Esprit may have been in junior high). Here's a sampling:

Chiffon Dress ($79.50)

Shiny Polyester Leggings ($22.50)

Printed Rayon Dress ($69.50)

Cashmere Jacquard Cardigan ($99.50)

Jersey Shirt with Batwing Sleeves ($35.50)

Save 10% off your entire order with code "esp12." Expires January 31. Plus free shipping and returns for orders over $30, no code required. Both valid for regular priced items only.

AND ... click here for a printable coupon for 20% off regular priced items in Esprit stores, no expiration.

No Waist for Me

I'm a little behind the times so I'm still trying to get used to this belt-over-cardigan trend. Partly because I'm pretty much straight up and down and don't have much of a waist - though I know a belt is supposed to help create the "illusion" of a waist, but it usually just makes me feel chunky. I could have gone for a thinner belt too - but oh well, here's my OOTD:

Cardigan: H&M marled wrap cardigan (came with its own belt made of the same material)
Top: Anthropologie top by Velvet
Jeans: J. Crew hipslung
Shoes: Aerosoles wedges
Belt: Target

I still wasn't really feeling the belt thing, so this is what I really ended up with:

Shoes: Nine West Temani wedges (sorry the camera put my feet in the dark for some reason)

No belt - ahhh, much better for more eating.

FYI: More fresh cuts at Anthropologie.
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